Suggested Wording for Event

Please find suggested wording for your event below. Feel free to amend the wording as you wish. We would appreciate it if you could acknowledge this initiative by adding the final sentence below (along with the Stop Still for Peace website address).


On the UN International Day of Peace, 21st September, 2017, join us to celebrate this year’s theme of “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.” 

We invite you to set aside time to Stop Still for Peace – your peace, our peace, world peace, on this day and join us in a peaceful observance for 21 minutes; 7 minutes for the self, 7 minutes for others and 7 minutes for our world.

Stop Still for Peace ( is an initiative of Calm in the City – a not-for-profit venture which engages with the city communities to bring calm into the heart of the city.